UNHS Teen Services

Teens Taking Charge

Pregnant and parenting teens are at great risk to drop out of school. Teens Taking Charge provides parenting education and counseling to parenting and pregnant teens in Metro High Schools. Over 150 pregnant and parenting teens are served each year. Teens Taking Charge goals are to assist teens in developing their skills as parents and to assist them to complete their high school education.

We Have the Power

Young men from minority groups are at great risk to become involved with gangs and to engage in crime and violence as a perpetrator or as a victim. We Have the Power is a minority health initiative of United Neighborhood Health Services that works with minority youth, particularly young men, to develop alternatives and reduce gang involvement.

Fall Hamilton Family Resource Center

The Family Resources Center works with the school and families to improve the services to families and children.

Youth Neighborhood Clinic Services

Youth may request confidential services at UNHS clinics, school and neighborhood clinics, and receive these without charge.

For information on teen programs, please contact Walter 'Lynn' Stuart, Director of Teen Services at nubian22@aol.com

UNHS Teen Services are:

  • In your neighborhood
  • In your school
  • Available evening, weekends, and summer
  • At no cost
  • Just walk in to receive care
  • Holistic: Body and Emotions
  • Confidential

Confidential Health Services:

  • Physicals
  • Pregnancy Tests
  • Birth Control
  • STD Testing and Treatment
  • Prenatal Care
  • Couseling

Call us when:

  • You have missed your period.
  • You are pregnant and need care.
  • You're under a lot of family stress.
  • You binge eat and then vomit.
  • You're in a gang and want out.
  • You're afraid of your boyfriend.
  • You drink so much you can't get up in the morning.
  • You're having problems in school.